On June 1st, NJ Bell, a subsidiary of Bell Atlantic, is scheduled to change many 201 area codes to 973. That means if your phone number is 201-123-1234 -- it will now become 973-123-1234.
Does this affect Wayne New Jersey? Yes.
NJ Bell has issued a list of the exchanges affected. (Exchanges refer to the first three digits of your local seven digit number.) Please review this list closely. Wayne encompasses many different exchanges! Then compare the list to numbers you frequently call or call you!
What does this mean to us?
Obviously you will want to hold off on new stationary! And you should review your telephone usage habits to determine if there is going to be big impact for you. For example, the need to dial the 201 prefix to someone who will remain in the 201 area; reprogramming telephone, computer or fax equipment. Some effects will probably only become apparent when the changes are made. And hopefully, the cutover goes smoothly!
Other related links....AT&T -- still the largest long distance company...the Federal Communications Commission. ISDN Information -- the FCC's Fact Sheet about changing area codes. And there is Rafferty's Telecommunications Page -- pretty good!
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We will keep you posted! If you have any questions or comments we will try to help you, or post them for others to see!