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Make WayneWeb Your Opening Location On Your PC

Why Make WayneWeb Your Open Location

  • WayneWeb is a fast and free internet service. Notice how fast the WayneWeb pages load onto your PC screen.
  • WayneWeb gives you the best search tools on the net, and continuous updates will allow you to stay current without having to do most of the work.
  • WayneWeb links to the best sites on the World Wide Web together with Wayne-based websites. We are continuing to find and layout to you the most enriching sites on the planet.
  • WayneWeb is "G" rated, that means organized to suit community needs and reflective of family values -- and will always will be this way -- that's a Multi-Force promise!
  • And -- The Best Part -- WayneWeb is designed for the Wayne New Jersey community.
And It's FEF -- Fast Easy And Free!!

How To Change Your Opening Site To WayneWeb

If You Are Using Netscape

  1. Open up your Netscape browser -- assume surfing position.
  2. From your menu bar, choose File.
  3. From the pull down menu, choose Open Location.
  4. In the text box that appears, type in http://www.wayneweb.com.
  5. Click on the Open button.
  6. Begin Surfing -- Now!

If You Are Using Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Open up your browser -- again, assume surfing position.
  2. You must go to, and then be on, the WayneWeb home page, http://www.wayneweb.com.
  3. From your menu bar, choose View.
  4. From the pull down menu, choose Options..
  5. From the picture box that appears, choose the Start and Search Pages tab.
  6. Click on the Use Current Page button.
  7. Click OK -- and again, Begin Surfing -- Now!

Technical Support

  • If you are a Wayne Resident who needs some help -- we are here.
  • Simply E-Mail Your Questions to us and we will call or e-mail you -- same or next day!
  • Include your name, phone number, PC or software model or product description, and a detailed question.

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