Jerry Winick was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1942. His interest in pencil drawing began at the age of 8. As a child he would draw portraits of his friends and relatives and by the age of 12 he had already sold many of his drawings. During his teen years, Jerry attended classes at the Art Students League in New York City. Jerry, however, considers himself a self taught artist.

After many years of doing commercial work, Jerry began exhibiting his drawings on the"art show circuit". His success has been astounding. In the past 4 years he has won 33 "First Place" awards and 8 "Best in Shows' awards. What makes this acheivement even more spectacular is that Jerry's black and white drawings were in competition with oil paintings, watercolors and pastels.

In addition to the outdoor art shows, Jerry has had "one man" exhibitions at the Hebrew Tabernacle in New York, The Paterson Museum, The Jewish Federation of Clifton, The Lena DiGangi Gallery in West Paterson and many public libraries throughout New Jersey. He also teaches pencil drawing at the Lena DiGangi Gallery and at adult night schools in the northern New Jersey area. His works are regularly featured in the Newark Star Ledger, The Bergen Record and the North Jersey Herald News.

Jerry considers himself a pioneer for a very old medium (pencil). He feels that pencil drawings are not given the recognition that they deserve. Pencil drawing has traditionally been used as the preliminary ground work for other media such as painting, pastels, etc., but Jerry has taken pencil drawing to new heights. It is not unusual for Jerry to spend 3 months on a single drawing constantly building and developing it to its conclusion.

His style of photo realism is so unique that most people, when viewing his work for the first time, find it difficult to imagine that the drawings were done with a pencil. Jerry feels that pencil drawing is a lost art and that very few artists have the patience and ability to create these types of drawings.

All of his drawings are done with an HB grade pencil. Instead of using different grades of pencil, Jerry uses only one, which gives him more artistic control of the light and dark values in his drawings. The subject matter that Jerry selects for his drawings are well thought out and based on how well it works for is medium. The sharp point of a pencil is ideally suited for the exacting,detail that Jerry desires in his drawings. Most of his drawings are done from life and with the aid of photographic reference material.

Jeryy's work is now available as originals or signed and numbered limited edition lithos in selected galleries in Northern New Jersey and New York.

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