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WayneWeb Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Who Created WayneWeb?

Multi-Force Internet
P.O. Box 3113
Wayne, N.J. 07470
Contact: Karen Casiello, Director of Marketing, 201-956-1664

When Was WayneWeb Started?

The WayneWeb project began in early 1996, and went online July 4th.

The Following Press Release Announced WayneWeb

Wayne Web Goes Live Press Release Multi-Force Internet
P.O. Box 3113
Wayne, N.J. 07470

WayneWeb Goes Live !

Wayne New Jersey Has Its First, Fastest and Friendliest
Internet Homepage On The Worldwide Web -- http://www.wayneweb.com

For Immediate Release

Monday, August 5, 1996

Contact: Karen Casiello, Director of Marketing
Multi-Force Internet

Wayne, New Jersey On August 5th WayneWeb made its debut on the Internet at http://www.wayneweb.com. Developed by Multi-Force Internet, a local Website developer and Internet consulting firm, WayneWeb is a community based project to provide Township residents with an ideal starting point for Internet navigation.

The Wayne P.A.L., Eclipse Gymnastics, the YM-YWHA and The Boys and Girls Club of Wayne are placing websites on WayneWeb, as part of a community effort to gain a presence on the Internet. Non-profit groups in town are currently being offered space on WayneWeb, along with Internet consulting to get themselves onto the World Wide Web.

For town businesses, websites on WayneWeb are available at rates low enough to justify experimentation. According to Karen Casiello, Director of Marketing, Multi-Force, "WayneWeb provides businesses a way to test the Internet at a dollar amount in the hundreds -- not the thousands, and still have a viable Internet presence. Most customers are amazed when they find out a basic website will cost them less than $300." Organizations and businesses who reside within WayneWeb have their own Internet address. For example, Wayne P.A.L. chose http://www.wayneweb.com/PAL as their address.

For Wayne Internet surfers who arrive at WayneWeb, they will find links to the best Internet sites, like CNN, Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo -- along with the new websites being built by the Wayne community. WayneWeb is also developing an online technical support facility, where users can get help to solve their PC problems and to learn more about the Internet. Karen Casiello explains, "Some users just need direction on where to get the best products or find the detailed support they need. We'll do that for Wayne residents."

"The Internet provides the opportunity for people to think globally and act locally. It is truly a revolutionary phenomena. Our research indicates that there are approximately 1000 families in Wayne today, who have access to the Internet. The typical profile of an Internet user today is 33 years old and male, but that’s changing every day." says Ms. Casiello. "We want people in Wayne to become leaders in leveraging the Internet's power to communicate. Once people realize what the Internet is and what it can be, we are talking about major changes in our lives here."

Multi-Force Internet is an Internet research and development firm based in Wayne. Multi-Force was incorporated in New Jersey in 1988, and is a member of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce.

End Of Press Release

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